Emma Zwissler began her journey into clean beauty after trying every over-the-counter and prescription acne remedy there is and still coming up short. Having suffered from painful cystic acne breakouts for years, Emma was red faced, flaky, and totally over it. She sought out to find a less irritating solution, and came across great skin instead. With a Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and several years of self-study under her belt, Emma set out to build a skincare line formulated with blemish-prone skin in mind - products that would work to heal the skin from the inside out, rather than simply cover up imperfections.

Emma splits her time between the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the energetic city of Chicago. You can often find her in her local yoga studio, cooking a recipe from the latest Bon Appetit, or enjoying a glass of red wine with friends. Emma has spent years seeking out ways to live a more thoughtful non-toxic life, and shares her stories and journey on our website's blog pages.