Ojook Toothbrush Holder
Ojook Toothbrush Holder
Ojook Toothbrush Holder
Ojook Toothbrush Holder
Ojook Toothbrush Holder
Ojook Toothbrush Holder

Ojook Toothbrush Holder

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OJOOK Toothbrush Holder is the most hygienic solution for storing your toothbrush (and even razors). Constructed with diatomaceous earth, a raw material made of fossilized remains of algae, it is fast drying and mold resistant. Store any standard-size toothbrush in an upright position to keep the toothbrush clean and dry.

Pair with Ojook's Intention Toothbrush and for a complete, sustainable oral care routine.

The toothbrush holder is 100% plastic-free and compostable. To clean, gently rinse both sides of the tray with mild soap under running water then air dry. Handle with care and avoid dropping.

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Ojook Intention Toothbrush



Full Ingredients List: This tray is 100% plastic-free and compostable.

Carton: Recycle or compost
Tray: Compost by crushing the tray into smaller pieces and returning it back to the earth.


After consumer product executive Youn Chang became a mother, her sense of urgency on wellness and sustainability shifted. What she knew intellectually became what she believed in her heart, and previous nice-to-haves became must-haves for her daughter and future generations. 

Youn decided to launch a brand that would bring her knowledge on Eastern wellness philosophy to the U.S. - a philosophy that teaches wellness as cumulative habits and daily rituals with a long-term horizon rather than quick fix solutions. OJOOK was born with Youn's vision to transform mindless routines into mindful rituals that create harmony between the mind, body, and environment.