Immortelle 43 | 17

Immortelle 43 | 17

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Sundrenched fields of golden blossoms blanket bright coastal cliffs. A heady haze of wildflower honey and caramelized orange peels. Verdant hills traversed by vineyards and olive groves. The memory of the brilliant blue Adriatic.

Notes of Dalmation Coast Immortelle, Sunbaked Spices, Wildflower Honey, Caramelized Orange Peels, Orris & Ambergris

Immortelle 43|17, features Immortelle, a bewitching essential oil steam-distilled from the Helichrysum Italicum blossoms. The numbers correspond to the geographical coordinates from where the oil is sourced — the Dalmation Coast at 43° North, 17° East.

The essential oils in this pure parfum were sourced from two small family-owned farms in Bosnia Herzegovina and on the island of Hvar, in Croatia. The helichrysum Italicum plants were sustainably cultivated and harvested, with reverence for maintaining the biodiversity, ecological balance, water resources, and soil quality of their respective regions. Immortelle’s intoxicating aroma is a heady balm, an elixir that conjures feelings of radiance, buoyancy, and vitality.



Carta’s signature splash bottle was designed with both beauty and sustainability in mind. The bottle features a fitted ground-glass globe stopper, eliminating the need for plastic pumps, caps, and tubes. Each one is hand-sealed using an artisanal technique called baudruchage, involving the application of a biodegradable wrap laced with silk threads and secured with a wax seal. This technique ensures that bottles remain both air and watertight during their journey and free from tampering.

To remove the baudruche, use scissors or a sharp knife to snip the silk thread at the base of the bottle’s neck. When the thread loosens, the wax seal will detach from the wrapping, allowing the wrapping to slip off with ease.

The glass stopper serves as the applicator for your parfum. Before removing the stopper from the bottle, gently invert the bottle to wet the stopper’s neck with parfum.

To close your bottle, place the stopper into the bottle and firmly press down while giving it a slight twist to secure.


CARTA was founded in 2017 by Heather D’Angelo, a San Francisco-based perfumer, musician (with the band Au Revoir Simone), and ecologist. The dream for Carta originated while she was collecting botanical samples from the Malaysian rainforest as part of her research at Columbia University. After several years of working with plant-based aromatic compounds, she developed an understanding that scent, like music, is a transportative instrument. Both have the arcane power to suspend moments and places in time. The line, named after the Italian word for map, reflects the spirit of linking scent and place.

With Carta, D’Angelo explores the artistry of perfume, influenced by her background in musical composition and scientific inquiry. Rooted in her passion for environmental conservation, D’Angelo’s romance with scents is shaped and driven by a commitment to conscious practices and a desire to share the stories behind Carta’s ingredients.


CARTA takes an ecological approach to fragrance design; their practices are rooted in sustainability, environmental stewardship, and reverence for our planet. 

Their fragrances are inspired by the complexity of Earth’s ecosystems and the people working to protect them. CARTA reminds you to remain conscious of the interconnectedness of our species and the land that sustains us and invites you to allow their fragrances to encapsulate you on your journey, wherever that may be.