Hair Cleanse
Hair Cleanse
Hair Cleanse
Hair Cleanse
Hair Cleanse
Hair Cleanse

Hair Cleanse

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Cruelty-Free, Vegan, and Woman-Owned

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A plant-derived hair wash that gently removes residue while balancing the natural moisture of the scalp without irritation.

Act + Acre's Hair Cleanse is made without harsh ingredients, including detergents and sulfates, and are safe for use on bleached, dyed, permed, keratin treated, and chemically straightened hair.

Why do I need to mix the Hair Cleanse with water before applying?

The Hair Cleanse is a creamy, concentrated blend of nutrients. It needs to be activated by mixing water in your hands to create a silky lather before applying it to the scalp. The more you can work up a lather, the better it will cleanse.

Act & Acre bottles are made from PETG1 plastic - one of the easiest plastic types to recycle. To recycle, rinse packaging thoroughly and place the bottle into your curbside recycling and the pump top into the garbage.

Alternately, you may return this bottle & top (cleaned and dry) to be recycled through our in-store partnership with Terracycle.

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ABOUT Act+Acre

Act + Acre's founder and celebrity hairstylist Helen has always been passionate about clean haircare that works - she couldn't find any for her clients and so decided to create Act+Acre: The world’s first Cold Processed® hair wellness brand that focuses on your scalp.

Originally from Ireland, Helen and her husband Colm created and patented the Cold Processed® technique to create their plant-based products. This avoids the traditional heat-based production, which can lessen the potency of nutrients in seed oils. Sustainability is key to the brand, through the packaging they use, the ingredients they include, the use of 90% less energy to create their products, and the wind farms they fund in Mumbai.

Act+Acre is a reaction to an existing category, and a promise of what it can become.