Sun Sister Hair Oil
Sun Sister Hair Oil

Sun Sister Hair Oil

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An antioxidant and nutrient-rich hair oil, slowly solar infused with whole botanicals to nourish, strengthen, and support the health of hair and scalp for softer, smoother, and more lustrous hair. Absorbs deeply into hair while subtly imparting the warm, seductive scent of Jasmine Grandiflorum and a warm, soft, floral, embracing fragrance. 

For all hair types.

1 Ounce | 30ML

Packaged in a Glass Bottle with Dropper Applicator

Organic. Handmade. Vegan.

To Use: For daily use, apply a small amount to damp hair. As a deep treatment, gently massage into scalp & hair, brush through, and leave for at least one hour, or overnight, before washing.

Please store your oil in a cool, dark, and dry place.


Sun Sister is a botanical beauty brand created with intention to nourish the body and soul. Their goods are handcrafted in small batches with herbs, flowers, and raw ingredients sourced directly from their garden and from nearby sustainable family-run farms. 

Sun Sister is an Iranian-American and female-founded brand based near Miami, Florida. Their founder, Nikki, is an herbalist whose focus is on supporting skin health both internally and topically.


Full Ingredients List: Jojoba Seed Oil, *Cedar Leaf, *Horsetail, *Lavender Flowers, Nettle Leaf, *Rosemary Leaf, Jasmine Absolute, Tocopherol 

*Infused ingredients; extracts, not raw ingredients, are present in the final formula.

A New Standard in Clean Beauty.

Say hello to truly natural, non-toxic skincare. The Sunday Standard was born from our desire for luxurious, high-quality products and our unwillingness to compromise on efficacy and safety. Our ingredients are chosen with blemish-prone skin in mind, and with respect for our health and the health of our planet. Our products are formulated to repair damaged skin from the inside out by promoting barrier repair and cellular renewal, eliminating blemish-causing impurities, and restoring balance to the skin’s natural oil production. Inflammation is soothed, environmental damage is reversed, and tired, problematic skin is brought back to life. 

It’s Sunday self-care, for every day of the week. 

At The Sunday Standard, we strive to go beyond “natural.” We are committed to promoting good health and well-being through all that we do, and that doesn’t stop at our ingredients list. At The Sunday Standard, we are committed to:
  • Clean beauty and the use of only non-toxic ingredients. All of our products are formulated without the use of parabens, phthalates, sodium laurel sulfate, or petroleum-based ingredients. We have researched our ingredient choices extensively, and have limited our ingredients list to only those which have been rated a 1 or 2 by the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database. These ingredients have been rated as “low hazard” and are unlikely to become bio-accumulative or contain developmental, reproductive, or immune system toxins. We are committed to continually researching and re-verifying the safety of our ingredients as new data emerges.
  • Ensuring the safe use of fragrance. We follow the IFRA guidelines for safe use of fragrance and use only plant-derived, natural oils to scent our products – never synthetics. We source pure, high-quality essential oils to ensure that your skin receives all of the benefits of the plants from which they are distilled.
  • Product safety. We use only ECOCERT certified preservatives, and are committed to using them at their lowest effective dosages. Our preservatives are laboratory made using plant-derived technology to ensure the omission of sensitizers such as benzyl alcohol and benzyl benzoate.
  • Transparency. We always provide full, up-to-date ingredients lists in the internationally recognized INCI standard format. We are committed to product transparency and include information on each ingredient used in all of our formulas – including specific fragrance ingredients and their potential (naturally occurring) sensitizers.
  • Being good members of our global community. We choose organic, non-GMO, and wild-harvested ingredients whenever possible. We package our products in glass as it’s better for you and better for our environment. We strive to recycle or reuse as much of our packaging material as possible, and to minimize single use plastics. We never test our products on animals, and we vet our supply chain to ensure that our raw materials are also never tested on animals. We know you have high standards, so we do too.

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