5 Clean Beauty Products to Save Your Skin This Winter

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You're walking down the street; it's freezing and the wind is whipping towards you. You finally get to your destination and the heat is blasting; it feels great to warm up but boy, is the air dry! Winter for a lot of us means cracked lips, flaky skin, and a general feeling of tightness and irritation. Cold temperatures and dry air can lead to compromised skin through a process called trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL to us skincare nerds), but it's totally combat-able if you have the right products! 

Here are my 5 favorite products to save your skin this winter: 

1. Citrus Mint Hydrating Lip Butter from The Sunday Standard

Made with soothing coconut oil and ultra-hydrating shea butter, this creamy formula glides over lips and keeps them soft and supple. At $9.00, you can afford to keep one in your purse, one in your coat pocket, and one on your nightstand. 


2. A Dry Body Brush from The Sunday Standard

Dry body brushing is a delightful and invigorating way to detox your lymphatic system and boost circulation - leading to smoother skin, more effective system toxin clearance, and a boosted immune system. As a bonus, the firm bristles of this Japanese-inspired sisal brush help to warm you up as they work to boost blow flow. 


Apoterra Tulsi Luminous Scrub

3. All-Over Sugar Exfoliant - an Easy DIY!

Exfoliation is a key part of keeping skin healthy, soft, and supple. 

You can make your own simple body scrub using ingredients that you likely have around the house. Make a weekly batch on Sunday and store in a cool, dry place when not in use. As this product is not preserved, it is recommended that you treat it as you would a food; it will last about 1 week if properly stored. 

1 Cup Rapadura* Sugar
1 Cup Virgin Coconut Oil, Warmed for Ease of Mixing
1/4-1/2 Cup Olive Oil
3-5 Drops of Your Favorite Essential Oil
*When exfoliating the skin, the key is to gently remove any dead and dried skin cells. To do so, you'll want to use a firm but smooth particle. Rapadura sugar is great for this as it does not have jagged edges that could potentially lead to micro-tears in the skin. 
This golden elixir is formulated to rescue and repair dry or sun-drenched skin without the use of heavy, pore-clogging ingredients. I love this oil for year-round use, but it truly shines in the winter months. Use it alone or layer it over your moisturizer and serums to boost hydration and lock in the nutritive effects of your chosen actives.
Boneco Steam Humidifier
5. Steam Humidifier by Boneco
Okay so this one's not technically a skin care product, but it is absolutely one of my must-have winter skin saving ... electronics? I did a ton of research into "healthy" humidifiers before making this purchase and landed on a steam humidifier, which boils the water before emitting the humidity out as steam into the air, meaning that they are more hygienic (boiled water = bacteria free) and safe (this unit promises mineral-free humidification) than standard wet-filter humidifiers. This particular unit has a tray where you can add a few drops of essential oil, which I love, and also releases warm mist rather than hot mist, so it's safe for use even in households with small children. 
The last tip I will leave you with is simple: drink more water! It's so important to stay hydrated throughout all of the seasons, however dehydration in your skin will be most noticeable in the winter months. Dani from Thyme is Honey recently put out a podcast episode all about her tips on how to increase your water intake; give it a listen here
With Gratitude, Emma

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